Why Wooden Venetians Blinds Can Be the Perfect Fit

Swale Blinds are experts at fitting wooden venetian blinds and our experts have installed these beautiful blinds in a number of Kent homes.

There’s something about wood in a room, whether it is furniture, flooring or even a blind.  It brings a touch of nature to the space as well as a rich look and smell that is unique to it.  Wood also fits in with any style of décor from modern to traditional to vintage styles.  Using wooden venetian blinds brings the element of style together with practicality. This makes the Palm Wooden Venetian Blinds a perfect fit.

Elements Venitian BlindsGetting the right wood for your Wooden Venetian Blinds

When you want to incorporate wood into your room, the first step is to consider what shade of wood you want.  In most cases, you will want the wood around the room to be the same colour as other furniture.  Or you might want it to work in harmony with other furniture.  This might mean opting for a popular colour that gives you lots of choice.

Mid brown shades such as oak are very popular while the light tones of beech can be perfect in a darker room.  On the other hand, shades such as mahogany and ebony can bring something different to a bright, well-lit space. Whatever style you want we have the perfect wood effect Venetian blinds for you.

You can mix and match woods a little – for example the shade of beech doesn’t have to be exactly the same in every piece. But you might want to avoid using too many shades.  With the Palm Wooden Venetian blinds range is that you can choose to have co-ordinating or contrasting ladder braid or ladder tape.  This means you can blend in with the other wood shades in the room.  Or even bring a non-wood contrast shade into the look if that works.  You can continue this theme into the head rail system of the blind as this can be made with a coordinating colour

Venetian Blinds Practicality and style

The Palm range is now available in both 25mm and 50mm slat widths.  This means that regardless of the size of the window in question, there is a slat size that suits it.  Traditionally, larger windows work well with the wider slats.  Thinner slats are ideal for smaller windows – but of course, you can go for any combination you like.

Another practical element to these blinds is the fact that they can be supplied with a motorised tilt operation.  Wood blinds can be heavy and if you have joint issues, then using a wand or a cord can be a little hard work.  Adding a motorised mechanism makes the whole process of opening and closing the blinds very simple.  It can be done with the press of a button.  It also means there are no cords hanging around to create concern for parents. This system makes the blinds perfect for hard to reach spots.

The result is a room with wood in various places that can be as modern or a traditional as you require.  As the blinds come in an extensive range of finishes, they can sit into any window in the room and finish the look.  You can even opt for a bolder, contrasting look to make the window into the centrepiece of the room.

If you’re interested in Venetian Blinds for your home then contact Kent blind company Swale Blinds for details.