At Swale Blinds, we have a number of roller blinds that can easily be installed into rooms to provide that perfect finishing touch.

Create a vibrant new kitchen, liven up the lounge and brighten up bedrooms with the simple addition of blinds that can easily be rolled up and down. You can alter the lighting and levels of privacy in each room with these easily adjustable blinds, which can be supplied with 32mm, 40mm or 45mm hardware to fit a number of spaces, or even works with Perfect Fit, We stock a wide range of 300 plus solid colours and patterns so you have an excellent chance of finding the exact look you’re after among our selection.

Roller Blinds in KentWhy Roller Blinds from Kent based Swale Blinds?

Roller blinds are a classic, elegant alternative to fabric curtains, and suit a number of different interior design schemes.

Ours come with either a spring or sidewinder control to make it easy for you to roll the blinds up and down as needed, and the pleasant colour combinations make it simple to find something that will fit within your existing décor scheme. While you may want the blinds to stand out in your room, in some cases you may want the hardware to blend in. We have both open and closed cassette head boxes are available to cover the roller tube and operating mechanisms, so these are hidden from sight without compromising functionality. Depending on the head box you’ve chosen, these can sometimes be fabric covered to create a coherent look (a fabric covered bottom bar, front and back is supplied as standard, and side guide wires are available). Various scallops, poles, finials and braids are available to allow you to enhance the look and feel of your blind, so you can custom create something that really fits with the design of your home.

Serve your sense of style with Kent Roller Blinds Company Swale Blinds

Gone are the days when blinds simply served a perfunctory role.

Now, blinds can be used to add to the feel of a room and style of your home, be it contemporary and modern, or more classic in tone. At Swale Blinds, we stock hundreds of different fabrics to suit not only domestic applications, but also installations in commercial buildings. For these, we have antimicrobial and performance fabrics, and there are also flame retardant finishes available. While a twist rod or rope/braid may suit some blinds, in larger commercial settings this may not be suitable. We have motorized controls available, including the Rolux ‘one touch’ slow rise mechanism that will rise and lower the blind with the touch of a button.

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Whether you need a single roller blind for a newly decorated room in the home, or require several for a new office or retail space, our experts are here to help. For years we have been helping residents in Kent from our Maidstone offices, and our experienced team members are here to assist you today.

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