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Selecting  the right Venetian Blinds

Pacific Venitian blinds in MaidstoneSelecting the right blinds for around the house is an important choice. The resulting product will have a major impact on the look of the room.  It is worth remembering blinds are also a very practical thing and need to do a specific job.  In the kitchen and the bathroom, this job can be made more complicated by the heat and humidity. This means that choosing the perfect blind can be more difficult.  This is also where our Faux Wood Venetian Blinds come into play.

What are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds have been around for a long time, possibly as early as the 18th century.  These styles of blinds were used in the homes of Venice, Italy.  In more recent times, the first blind in the modern style was patented in New Orleans in 1841. It included a method to adjust the slats with a cord that is one of the famous features of the style today.

Venetian blinds are used inside a window and use a series of horizontal strips called slats.  These slats are attached to a string and turn to create a solid covering.  This gives privacy to the room and can help to block out sunlight during the day.  Another benefit of these blinds is that they can be moved upwards to entirely clear the window. We have provided blinds in Maidstone in Kent successfully for a number of years.

Why PVC works so well for Blinds

Traditionally, Venetian blinds are made from fabric, sometimes from wood or metal.  All of these create a different look and work in different rooms.  However, they can also experience problems in a kitchen or bathroom.  This is due to the extra heat and humidity you find in these rooms.  It can affect wood and metal and make different fabric seem limp or damp-looking.

This problem was the reason that the Faux  Wood Venetian Blinds range was created.  The idea was to create blinds that had the look of a traditional Venetian blind and came with the benefits of PVC materials.  This means they are resistant to moisture and to heat.  They even have a flame retardant element so if they are near a cooker, there is no concern about a fire risk – one of the reasons our experts in blinds in Kent rate them so highly.

Stylish and practical Blinds in Kent

The range also needed to look the part and combine this practicality with style.  So, the range use 50mm, 38mm and 60mm slats to create good coverage in the window while looking sleek and modern.  There is the choice to use either co-ordinating or contrasting ladder braid or tape to create the kind of look you prefer, the blinds can stand out as a feature in the room. Or they can blend into the space, depending on the style you prefer.

The blinds are also easy to use due to their simple of operating systems.  Usually, Venetian blinds operate through a pull cord or a wand. our range also includes the ability to have a motorised, battery-powered tilt operation.  This is ideal for hard to reach spots. It is also great for those with joint issues where gripping a thin cord can be difficult.

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